Welcome to the laboratory Epsylon

University of Montpellier, South of France



Research topics 
- Modeling of the micro-macro changes of human abilities and health behavior
- Characterization of neuro-psychological and psycho-sociological processes involved in changes of human abilities and health behavior

- Providing evidence of non-pharmacological intervention's efficacy

- Clinical survey

- Experimental devices capturing time modulations
- Transdisciplinary approach

- Time series and longitudinal analyses

- Randomised controlled trials

- Clinical trials

- Cohort studies 

- Dynamical approach

- Psychosomatic interactions

Research team 
DynaCSE (in charge C.Gernigon)

CECE (in charge N.Blanc)
- EVOLVE (in charge F.Cousson-Gelie & S.Raffard)
- DAMC (in charge I.Boulze & X.Quantin)

- CEES (in charge S.Carton & A.-M.Costalat-Founeau)


Scientific productions since 2011 
- More than 500 ISI indexed publications
- More than 50 books and book chapters

- More than 400 communications

- More than 100 research grants


- programs of disease management
- programs of health education
- psychotherapie programs
- programs of health prevention
- programs of rehabilitation
- programs of psychological preparation in sport
- guides of observance
- modalities of organization consulting in companies
- programs of coaching in the process of life transitions
- pedagogical guides
- programs of didactic engineering
- program of cognitive remediation
- programs of items and objects design
- validated tests or questionnaires
- health network
- assessments

- start up


46 full researchers

62 PhD students

39 associates

20 visitors

2 administrative members


International events organisation

iCEPS Conference Montpellier, an international congress about the effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions

- iCEPS Conference 2011 Edition

- iCEPS Conference 2013 Edition

- iCEPS Conference 2015 Edition






- University of Montpellier and University Paul Valery Montpellier

- Departements of Medicine, Psychology and Sport Sciences

- 2 Doctoral schools for PhD (ED60 and ED463)



- Welcome of students from psychology, medicine, sport sciences and others human sciences
- 12 masters affiliated to the laboratory

- 2 PhD affiliated to the laboratory (ED60 and ED463)


- Interdisciplinary and translational approach in health

- Predominant belonging to one topic of the unit

- Encouraging internal collaborations
- Project methodology at all the levels of functioning
- Listening and mutual assistance
- Balanced repartition of functioning missions
- Transparency of means management
- Election of people in charge for 4 years (head, theme, program)
- Support to young talents
- Valorization of senior researchers
- Intergenerational transmission of knowledge
- Valorization of members involved in collective duties

Internal structure of the laboratory 
- Laboratory Council decides of the laboratory’s principe of functionning
- Scientific Council checks the harmony between research programs and the project validated by French Research Ministry
- Ethical Comity validates research protocols, establishes ethical charter
- The Laboratory Council Life contributes to the realization of daily tasks

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